Moving from Jekyll to Hexo

Jekyll is an awesome static site generator, don’t get me wrong. I loved using it, and over the years I have changed my site, and started from scratch more times that I can count. I moved to Jekyll after I gave up on Wordpress and the bloat that comes with it. I needed a simple solution on how I could type away and have a website that stays updated without the need for a complicated backend. It was also a plus that Jekyll could run on Github Pages, so it would cost me a whooping $0 a month. I needed a change, so I started looking into something else. I played around with Hugo for a bit, I thought about just making a simple website myself, and I Googled down the rabbit hole more than I care to admit.

Hexo stuck out to me with how simple it looked. Hoenstly it reminds me a ton of Jekyll. I am writing everything in Markdown again, and there are a few simple commands I need to remember to make this work. I think what drew me more to Hexo than anything is how small the frontprint seems to be. With Jekyll I was also looking into keeping the gem updated, and making sure everything played nice, and I never felt I got there. Hopefully Hexo is different.

In the meantime it is going to take me a bit to move everything over to Hexo from Jekyll, since I need to edit the pages and make sure Hexo understands them. This is also a good time to make sure all the content I am moving over is decent and worth keeping.