Jumping Inot Game Maker Studio

Since I was young, I have loved Video Games. To me it was not only a welcomed distraction, it was a way for me to experience the world. The ability to plug in a console and play some games with some friends was more than just a good time, it was life.

I always thought how awesome it would be if one day I could make my own game. One day people around the world would be able play through a game that I made, and share in the joy of winning, or really feel through the game. The only thing that ever really stopped me from making my own game was the fact I had no idea where to start. I was also terrified of what other people would think about the game. In today’s age, with the ability for people post their opinions anywhere and everywhere, and a group of people who follow blindly, the thought of getting roasted by the internet was a terrifying thing for me.

Last night I took a step in either the right or the wrong direction, by picking up a license for Game Maker Studio. I have been messing with the idea for a long time, and I plan to report my delve into Game Maker Studio, and how things are working.