Freeplay Zero DIY Build

Freeplaytech DIY Kit

Recently I purchased a Freeplaytech DIY Kit to turn my old GBA into a portable arcade. I am super excited about this since I can easily play all the old games on NES, SNES, SEGA, or any other system from my childhood. While the kit is coming in today I was able to snag the Raspberry Pi Zero and SD card yesterday.

Progress So Far

Pi Zero and SD Card - 100%

I was able to get the SD card built with the image, and I was able to get it into the Pi Zero. Lucky for me I had the correct adapter needed to get the Mini HDMI into HDMI, and then converted it to a signal my monitor supports. Once I powered up the Pi Zero I was able to see everything correctly and verified the SD Card was burned correctly.

Freeplaytech DIY Kit - 10%

I am still waiting for this to come in, but I have my old GBA and I have the tools needed to take it apart. I hope to get some good build pictures soon and make some more posts showing the process of the build.