Finally An Update

I know I have not really been working to much on this site recently, but now I feel like I have more time to do so. Recently starting a new job that will do wonders for my work and home life balence should also give me some more time to work on developing. I had some ideas which I will discuss below, but nothing is sticking as out yet.

Quick Draw Type Game

I had a idea for a game that copies the old quick draw tpye games. THe ones where you had to perform an action within a small window of time before the enemy attacks you. Basic premise is simpe, high noon style dual. Once the players accepts that they are ready, a random timer starts, once it finishes the high noon type event starts. The player will have a very limited time to press the fire button / screen before the enemy player fires. Each round they player makes it through shortens the time they have to react later.

Simple Survial

I was playing around with the idea of a PC game where the player has to move around an island they end up on. Nothing to start, build a basic camp and a fire to keep warm. I am not really sure where I wanted to go with this one, but the idea is still floating around up there.

Multiplayer Game

Think Realm of the Mad God type game. I had a decent prototype going, but I am not sure how to have the server running all the time at my house, and then have people join into it. There are a lot of question around the game seed that is made, and how I gte it to players joining. Also need to make sure all enemies and players know about one another. I have an issue currently where players see different enemies on the screen since the game is not in sync.