Game Dev Update 7

Small Update

Just a small update / thought today. I think I have been over thinking this whole game. The idea was to make a simple game and push it out to people. I have that game almost there, I just need to add a few more cars, iron out some breaking bugs, and polish it a little bit and I think I have something.



  • Added music volume slider
  • Refactored vehicle spawn
  • Fixed Crash/Win Menu from not being in front of everything
  • Refactored a lot of code to clean it and make it more uniform
  • Fixed the restart level button to reload the scene
  • Added const to each level to give it a number
  • Updated Trello with new cards
  • Added new font to game
  • Add title screen and level select
  • Added new vehicles including Cop Car
  • Added Crash and Win Screen
  • Added Level 1 to game for testing
  • Updated artwork for roads and added new tiles to tilemap
  • BUG: Crash/Win Screen rendered in wrong layer
  • Switching to 2D
  • Game created
  • Thoughts on paper


Basic game working - End of July?