Adding More Ads

I know that ads on a website are super unpopular, I mean come on how many different ad blocking extensions and programs exist out there today. I get it, I even added an ad blocking server in my house using Pi-Hole, which by the way is awesome.

I have ads on the site for two main reasons. The first being I wanted to learn how they work, and how to add them. On a normal site you add in the code and everything is normal, but on something like Jekyll you need to do it a special way. The second reason, even if I generate $10 in my lifetime using these, that is $10 I didn’t have before, so for me that is a plus.

In the spirit of being as open as I possibly can about this, I will say I have only made somewhere around $5 currently on the ads, and all of the ads are served by Google AdSense.

On a side note I have also been working on a large number of spelling mistakes in my website. Turns out I can’t really type to save my life, and I don’t proof read things before I ship them out. It explains a lot about me.