New Game In Dev

Today Godot 3.1 was released to the general public. It just so happens that this morning I was talking to another developer I work with from time to time, and I said when 3.1 is released I have an idea for a new game. I just didn’t think it was going to be released as soon as it was, egg on my face.

Godot 3.1 Released

I Guess I Can Call It Official

I will be starting a new project in Godot 3.1 today that I will hope to have done, or at least into a Beta by the end of July. This might be tough with the nice weather coming in around then, and some trips that I will be taking for work, but I would really like to get something else out there. LightsOut! was a fun game to make and release, but I think I rushed it to market.

You can download LightsOut! here

The Plan

My plan is pretty simple, keep the game smaller, and write the code so it works. I will worry about making it better later, but getting a working model is really what I need. To often I fall into this trap where I need to make the code as perfect as I can, and I get burnt out on these projects, so they never see the light of day.

As usual I will probably keep the game in BitBucket, keep a board on Trello, and write everything in Godot. My new plan is to make this game work on both Android and the Web. I may even be so bold as to make a Microsoft Windows port if I can. A lot has to do with how I will store the data for the game.


I plan to release updates and screenshots of the game here as I work on it, but no promises how often that will be. I also plan to try and use my Twitter account to point back here for updates, or share GIFs out there.

PM me if you have questions, comments, or want to help out.