Game Dev Update 1

Not to much of an update since I have just started the project, but I wanted to drop in and give an update anyway. I am also going to set this post as kind of a template for how I want to do these in the future so they are all uniform.

Engine Of Choice

Currently I am going to be developing this game in Godot Engine mostly because I have used it before and I like it. Its pretty easy to use, and to learn. The better question is if I am going to be running this as a 2D or a 3D game.

So I have the game created on my machine at home, and I have been toying around with running it as a 3D game. The issue I have run into is I don’t have any 3D assets on hand, and since this will most likely be another free game, I don’t want to pay for to much. If I can’t get a good handle on how the 3D side of Godot works I will probably fail back to a 2D version. Something I am more comfortable with.

I am still just getting all my thoughts on paper before I forget them, and possibly making a Trello board to keep track of everything.

Looking For An Artist

Since I might need some help (aka I need help) I am looking for an artist that can do 2D or 3D renders of simple things. If you are interested send me a PM on Twitter. (Removed)



  • Game created
  • Thoughts on paper


Basic game working - End of July