My First PR


Can you believe it has been almost four months since my last post in here? I can. I have been mulling over the idea of what I wanted to do with this site, if I wanted to keep it going or not. Work got in the way as always, and I have been deep diving into Google Cloud Platform and trying to teach myself Terraform. That all changed tonight when I submitted my first official Pull Request on a public Github Repo

An old co-worker of mine and I had come across a really cool plugin for Godot, that would allow you to connect to Firebase and store data in a RealTime Database. is the repo. The basic idea is this, you install the plugin, create a firebase app, and put some config keys into a script. From there you can have people signup, login, and run some database stuff.

This old co-worker and I were able to get in contact with the developer of this plugin, and started talking about how we could help. So tonight I sat down and ran through a ton fo the code and made some comments in it. I also re-wrote part of his file, and created some basic documentation.

After this was all done and I made sure the links were good and the pictures were showing up, I submitted my first ever, official PR on a public repo. Probably not the coolest thing ever, but I am happy.


We have all been playing this game, and can’t get enough of it. Please note I am not the developer of this game, I don’t know them, and I don’t get anything for promoting them.