Where Have I Been???

Yeah I know I have been gone a while

I get it. This is the first post in over 6 months and honestly I have nothing to report on. This whole Covid-19 crisis is really starting to get to people, and I have been home working crazy hours. The good news is the company I work for has been doing the testing for the state, so for once I feel like I am really helping and doing something good with my life.

Update on the traffic game I was making

I pretty much have stopped developing this game. As I was working on it and running ideas by other people, I noticed a new game on steam that was the exact same thing I was working on. It was much cleaner looking and I honestly did not think I would ever get there. You can see it on it’s Steam Page

Ideas for new games

I do have some ideas for new games that I might start out on and see where they go. Judd is also going to pitch an idea to the group soon to work on something, so I will probably throw my hat into the ring there. Looking forward to working on something that is more than just me coding alone in my office. That reminds me I need to reach out to him and make sure he is working on the pitch.

I had also pitched to the Godot group if they wanted to work on a small game over the course of 2 weeks and release it. I thought it would make sense having a small time frame it would keep the game small. No one really wanted to work on it though.

Future of the site

I know I talk about this all the time and how I am going to make it better, but I am really going to try for at least a weekly post. Even if it is short and sweet and says I have nothing to report today. I might also look into changing the look of the site again. Who knows.